Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoodCloud and why should I use it?

GoodCloud is a new Digital Asset Management service that is focused on charities and good causes. It has been built from the ground up with the needs of this sector in mind. We have launced with a set goal to provide our users with the tools they need to safely and securely manage their images, video, artwork and documents, and to be able to share them easily.

Are my documents secure?

GoodCloud takes security very seriously. The website make use of SSL to keep communication between your device and our servers safe. All documents are stored under AES-256 (military strength) encryption. Of course, no networked system is 100% safe but we do more than any other provider to ensure that only the right people get the right documents.

How many users can I have on my account and is there a limit to the number of staff to edit content?

As many as you need. You pay for the storage only. GoodCloud believe limiting staff access only encourages unsafe behaviour. Passing around credentials limits your ability to control access. In some safeguarding cases it can be dangerous.

Is it easy to share images from an event?

One of the features GoodCloud has built in is the ability to allow volunteers editing rights to either the whole library or to just a collection, by simply adding their email address. An automatic invitation is dispatched and once accepted, they can add files from the desktop or directly from their mobile, at the event.

Can I see who has worked on shared documents?

GoodCloud does not support shared working on documents currently. We are constantly working on new features and this is one that we will be pursuing. We are always open to our clients suggestions and if you have a feature request please contact us.

Why is this better than providers like Dropbox or iCloud?

Both Dropbox and iCloud use a filesystem methodology which inherently leads to duplication and sometimes overwrites. Navigation can also be problematic with nested directories within nested directories. GoodCloud employ a search facility and tagging structure to allow easy access to the files you need. Each file is stored centrally with a unique name and cannot be overwritten. Files are linked to collections which alleviates duplication.

Can I decide who sees what?

Yes. An owner can view and upload everthing. As can a client-level editor. A collection editor can view and upload to that collection only and a user can view the collections they have been invited to.

What happens if I go over my storage?

GoodCloud calculates the size of each upload and checks there is enough space on your account. You are able to upgrade or downgrade (assuming you are within storage limits) your account at any timeā€¦ or even cancel (but we'd hate to see you go).